Pitkin County

Special Event On-line Application

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MEDICAL AND EMERGENCY SERVICE NEEDS of the attendees and participants are an important consideration. As the event organizer, you should develop a medical plan that is suitable for your environment and size of your event. Enlisting the help of a Licensed Professional Emergency Medical Services Provider to develop your plan is strongly encouraged. Please describe your Medical and Emergency Services Plan.

  • Will emergency medical services be summoned through 911? (Yes/No)

    If Yes, please provide the following information:
    • Name (and number) of the on site staff person designated as the medical point of contact.
    • Medical point of contact person must have the necessary information and training regarding emergency calls.
    • Identify an area or areas on your event site plan where ambulances can pick up people.

  • Do you intend to have an on site Licensed Professional Emergency Medical Services Provider? (Yes/No)

    If Yes, please provide the following information:
    • Name of Service Provider
    • Contact Person
    • Mailing Address
    • Telephone/Cell/E-mail/Fax

    Ambulance Coverage
    • Number of ambulances and staging locations at your event.
    • Number of medical staff and level of certification, i.e. MD, RN, Paramedic, EMT.
    • Identify hours of coverage for ambulance and staff.
    • Provide plan for back up services in case your medical staff becomes unavailable.

    Aid Stations
    • Number of Aid Stations and their locations at your event.
    • Hours of operation.
    • Number of medical staff and level of certification at the Aid Stations, i.e. MD, RN, Paramedic, EMT.
    • Resources available at each aid station.
    • Detail how medical staff will be identified, i.e. badges, uniforms, etc.

    Aid Stations, ambulance staging areas,ambulance routes and points of ingress/egress must be shown on your Site Plan, Section 2. Emergency medical services must be included within your Communications Plan, Section 3.

  • Provide a Security Contact who will be available to public safety officials at all times during your event.
    • Name of Contact
    • Mailing Address
    • Telephone/Cell/E-mail/Fax

NOTE: Event organizer will provide at least one of the following options:
  • Provide PARTICIPANT EVENT INSURANCE adequate to cover participant's medical expenses resulting from injury acquired while participating in your event.
  • Post MEDICAL BOND to cover EMS/hospital/areo-medical transport/physician charges. Unused bond would be refunded at 30 days post event.