Pitkin County

Special Event On-line Application

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EVENT SITE PLAN/ROUTE MAP shall depict the physical layout of the event. Please provide an acurate detailed drawing or map that includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:
  • Boundaries
    • Delineate the boundary for the entire event venue, including the names of all streets or areas that are part of the venue and surrounding area.
    • If the event involves a moving route of any kind, show the particular route(s), indicate the direction of travel, label street and/or trail names and identify any street or lane closures.
    • Locate fencing, barriers and/or barricades, points of ingress and egress and any queuing lines. Advertising signs, banners, flags and inflatables, including size. Show any removable fencing for emergency access.
  • Site Improvements
    • Locate all stages, platforms, scaffolding, ramps, grandstands, bleachers, chairs, tents, canopies, booths and other temporary structures.
    • Placement of generators, electricity sources, amplified speakers, soundboards, jumbo-tron screens and lighting.
    • Locate areas for RVs, buses, trailers, vans, tech trucks or other vehicles.
    • Identify start and finish areas.
  • Security, Medical and Safety
    • Show security check points and stations; identify placement of traffic control personnel.
    • Locate first aid facilities, ambulance stationing, 20' wide emergency/fire lanes and attendee access aisles.
    • Identify ambulance pick up points for off-road or on-mountain events.
    • Identify all event components that meet accessibility standards.
    • Locate all temporary directional signage and portable night lighting.
  • Transportation and Parking
    • Identify all parking areas (on/off-site) that are needed to service the event.
    • Show the inbound and outbound transit stops that will be utilized.
    • Locate any special bus, shuttle, van or limo drop-off/pick-up areas.
    • Identify disabled parking areas.
    • Identify locations and provide a list of all informational signage.
  • Sanitation and Solid Waste
    • Locate and identify the number of restrooms and/or portable toilets and hand wash stations.
    • Placement of trash and recycle containers and dumpsters.
  • Alcohol, Food Service, Vending and Tech Areas
    • Placement of bar areas and/or beer gardens including security fencing and entry/exit gates.
    • Locate food vendors and identify those cooking with flammable gases or barbeque grills. Show all vending booths, tech booths/trailers, work areas and/or storage.