Pitkin County

Special Event On-line Application

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ADEQUATE AND CONVENIENT PARKING must be included in your event plans. Please describe your parking plan, including the use of public and/or private parking areas.

  • Please provide a parking plan including, but not limited to the following information:

    • How many total parking spaces (attendees, participants, staff, volunteers, tech vehicles, RVs, etc.) are required?
      Number of Public Spaces/Number of Days
      Number of Private Spaces/Number of Days
    • Are the parking areas located on site or off site and how are the people to going to get from the parking area(s) to the event?
    • Will parking spaces be required for vendors, booths trailers, storage and/or staging? If so, how many spaces each day?
    • Have you received written authorization from the property owner(s) or authorized representative for use of the parking area(s)? If so, please provide the letter(s) of authorization.
    • Will the parking be free or paid? If paid, what will be the rate and has the property owner agreed to the parking charges?
    • Will there be parking attendants to monitor and direct traffic?
    • Will traffic flow patterns accommodate safe and efficient ingress and egress? If not, what measures will be taken to improve the situation?
    • Has a towing company been contracted for the duration of the event?
      If so, please provide the name of the company and contact information.
    • Is there night lighting provided for evening egress?

  • Provide a Parking Contact who will be available to public safety officials at all times during your event.
    • Name of Contact
    • Mailing Address
    • Telephone/Cell/E-mail/Fax

  • If No, how will the parking for the event be handled and/or why it is not necessary.
    Please describe your parking situation.